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  • Diving
  • Prop service (remove, install & repair)
  • Recovery and salvage
  • Dock and deck repair
  • Equipment Sales
  • Transport
  • Detailing
  • Captain services
  • Inspections
  • Boat repair
  • Zinc changing



    Diving & Boat Bottom Cleaning

    Keeping your boat bottom clean and free from barnacles and algae is an investment in the efficiency of your boat. It will help in keeping your boat fuel efficient and will save you money in repairs! A dirty boat bottom steals precious boat speed and can slow you down. What a Drag !


    Marine growth occurs even on a newly painted clean hull treated with the best toxic paints. Just because you may have recently painted your boat bottom doesn't mean you still don't need to maintain a regular schedule to keep that newly painted boat bottom clean from debris. Marine growth creates drag and reduces boat speed.

    Powerboaters know all about the price of fuel going up all the time, so, a clean bottom can be an even larger issue for them.  Instead of a smooth, clean hull slipping through the water, marine growth creates drag, reducing speed and putting extra demand on engines to maintain the desired speed. This all adds up to increased fuel consumption and added operational cost regardless of vessel size or type.

    Our price is $2.00/ foot to clean your boat bottom for boats under 60'.
    This price assumes that you have taken regular care of the hull and it's not ridden with build-up or barnacles. If your boat bottom has a lot of build-up and requires more work than usual, we'll let you know and provide you with an estimated cost to get her in shape.



    Prop Service

    Many factors can cause a prop to require replacement, a job that a lot of owners have their boats hauled to do. We can help. We can change the prop while the boat stays in the water saving you hundereds if not thousands of dollars on not having to haul your boat.

    Example: For a haul-out block and launch for a 55' SeaRay

    Haul block and launch $385

    Environmental Fees $100

    Days in yard (6-8 days @ 88 per day) $528

    Person to pull and put props back on $400


    Total: $1,413 plus repair

    One day to bring boat to yard and one full day to bring boat back to dock.


    Have a diver come and pull props $600 plus repair


    You just saved over $800 by using a diver!



    Recovery and Salvage

    Dropped your favorite tool, your keys, or your glasses?    If you need it back, we'll try to retrieve it. Did your boat sink during an unfortunate event? We can get it back to the surface for you for a boat up to 60'.


    Dock and Deck Repair

    Our services include replacing lose boards and replacing pilings up to up to 35’. Reinformcement of existing docks to prolong life of it. Pressure washing and sealing. Debris and trash removal under docks. Inspection of underwater to make sure no obstructions to damage boat. Blow out 2 to 3’ of dirt for more depth at slip.

    Boat Lift Repair: We service all major brands of boat lifts. Moving installation and removal. We also work on the porta-docks. IE: Jet docks, sport ports. We are also a dealer for Jet Dock.



    Equipment Sales

    Prop Pullers: We are a wholesale dealer for prop smith prop pullers. We can supply any size prop smith.

    Lift Bags: We are a wholesaler for carter lift bags. Also pro-lift bags. Any type of bag you are looking for way may be able to find for you.

    Prop Replacement Packages: We offer a kit for yachts so they can do their own prop replacements if a diver is not available, the training is also available with the packages. Call for more information. Packages include puller, lift bags, and all tools to remove nuts and washers. Also includes extra nuts, cotter pins and keys.




    We offer on land and in water transport anywhere you need it brought to. All of our in water captains have 100 ton USCG captain’s licenses. Whether it be moving it from slip to slip or from Florida to Canada our onland transport can arrange to accommodate any size boat.




    Bow to stearn cleaning of the boat. Engine rooms, windows, interior cleaning, mold removal, carpet cleaning, dry cleaning. Wet sanding, buff polish, chrome and stainless polishing. After yard detailing.



    Captain Services

    Most of our captains have 10-15 years of experience. USCG 100 ton captain’s licenses. The services range from dinner cruises, weekend getaways, Bahamas trips, new boat training, holiday trips, weddings, parties, fishing trips, guided trips. Fishing trips for Bahamas and US.



    Boat Repair

    Our crew of mechanics and riggers are there to serve all of your needs. Lightbulbs in shower, bulge pumps, spreader light repair, oil changes, check-ups, outrigger repair, Pretty much anything other than changing an engine, or fixing a huge crack in the hull, we do.



    Zinc Changes

    We will change your zinc without the hassle of having the boat hauled out of the water. When you consider the damage that can be caused by the lack of a zinc on the boat, you'll want us to get right on it. We will take the hassle out of trying to make sure you have the right zinc. We'll get the one that you need and put it on for you. No hassles or headaches!