At 247Divers, we pride ourselves on being extremely competitive when it comes to our prices.

Boat Cleaning

  • Under 60 Ft: Starting at $150
  • 60-69 Ft: $2.75 per foot
  • 70-85 Ft: $3.25 per foot
  • Above 85': Priced by quote


  • Starting at $150
  • An inspection report is provided with regarding the condition of the bottom of the boat along with any other findings will be written up along with an estimate of the costs of the repairs if needed

Prop Changes

  • Starting at $250


  • Zincs starting at $15
  • If zincs are bought from 247Divers there is no install fees

Service Calls

  • $150 and up
  • All emergency calls are 50% more then regular pricing if needs to be done within 24 hours


  • Recovery of sunken boats starting at $50 per foot