Terms & Conditions

  1. Returned check fee is $50 regardless of the amount of check
  2. All payments have a 30 day max payment after 31 days there is a 10% late charge per
    week of nonpayment.
  3. Recomended cleaning times at every 3 weeks during warm season and 4 weeks during cold season. A $1+ per foot extra fee if cleanings are not do when recommended
  4. Owners are responsible for notifying 247 Divers of long term removal of boat or maintenance that will hinder the ability of diver to do work on boat.
  5. If diver comes to do service and boat is not there a 50% fee of cleaning will be charged.
  6. Zincs will be replaced when needed. When zincs need to be replaced owner will be notified 1 cleaning before they are installed. Owner will be notified of costs of zincs at
    time of contracting services.
  7. If payments are made with credit card there will be a 4% service fee applied.
  8. A 50% deposit is due for large services i.e. larger prop R&R, Full detailing, service calls over $500



Propeller Servicing (remove, install & repair)

Recovery and Salvage

Dock and Deck Repair


Boat Repair

Zinc Changing

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